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My inbox Giving a headache appearence-Nowadays I am very busy

April 9th, 2011 No comments
Arun Raj's Gmail Inbox

Arun Raj's Gmail Inbox

This picture shows snapshot of my Gmail Inbox. The content itself shows the work oriented matter. Today I got a little time after submitting Techno-park Incubator Business Proposal. I just reviewed myself . I am a busy person.

What I do

  1. Manage the team and inspire them
  2. Meet new client
  3. Prepare proposals
  4. Maintain Accounts
  5. Transfer Salary
  6. Keep track Internal progress of the team
  7. Ensure the quality of the product we Deliver
  8. Manage project in pipeline
  9. Manage project flow
  10. Cash flow
  11. Clean the office
  12. The main job is to send updates to clients and colleagues – Email
  13. Technology consultation
  14. Some time I used to advice and manage one institute and help them to attain stability
  15. New hires/ Arrange facility for new hires

Every time I am trying to keep the things organized and structured. I need to organize my time – Time should be managed properly . Otherwise the work would kill me . I am not getting enough time to watch a movie or any kind of entertainment. Not getting time to go to home.

Usually I was trying to enjoy my work.

I taken a mac-book to study I- phone application development. But didn’t get chance to work on that . Not getting time to learn new technologies. But learning Management.

What makes me motivated ?

  1. Team is really Inspire me to take more project
  2. Client really motivates me by new reference

What makes me de-motivated ?

  1. Internal issues
  2. Overheads
  3. Less output by finance

How should I overcome this ?

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