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About Me,

I was born on April 22nd 1986. We are 4 members in my family. My father Mr.Rajendra Das, mother S.Vijayalakshmi Ammal, younger brother Amruth Raj R and myself.
My childhood days were in different places. First we were in the Tirur in Malappuram District where my father and mother worked. After that my mother got PSC cleared and joined the school next to my father’s place in Kadampanad where my grandmother lived. And my father’s older brothers and their family were living next to my house. I used to visit them once in a while.

I remember an incident that happened when I had gone to this place. I got a shock through a wire that was lying on the ground unattended. I felt too and fro motion when I got that shock. One of my neighbours, an old woman, was a very close friend of our grandma. She tried to pull me out and got electrocuted herself and was thrown back a few feet. Two or three years ago she had put a nail inside the electric plug and gotten a shock. I was quite injured from that electric shock. My blood stopped circulating and my heart had stopped for a while and my parents were worried about it. I don’t know what happened after that, but little Arun was alive and it had given some marks on my right palm, and unfortunately it was written in my horoscope.

I joined the nursery school when I was 3 years old. There was a person who taught us, who we called ‘Asan’. I remember his actual name is Mr. Raveendran Sir. After three or four month I had been moved to another place. That place was very near to my mamma’s school Gov. L.V.LPS Kadampanad (Laksmi Vilasam Lower Primary School) where she still teaches. So it was easy for her to drop me off. That was a good place for me because the lady who ran that care centre was a relative of mine. Her name is Shobana. She had a beautiful talking parrot! We used to say “Thathamme poocha poocha” and parrot would imitate the same. There was also a rabbit with small babies. We were very interested to see those pets.

After a few months, her care centre was moved to my mamma’s school and formed pre primary school. I think we were eight to ten kids. We enjoyed and played together. I got special care from teachers who were my mother’s colleagues. I can recall one incident when I was there. Miss Shobana got a small gooseberry and she cut it further to small pieces and distributed it to all of us. This incident, though small, I will never forget because it is very good example on sharing of the things we get.

I got admitted to the first standard at the age of four. “Elsy” Teacher was our class teacher. I successfully completed first standard, but my mother wanted to leave me in the 1st standard itself. Is it fair to little Arun? All of his friends promoted to the second standard and I was left back. I threw a lot of tantrums. All of her colleagues supported me very well and finally she promoted me to the second standard. I was very happy. Little Arun chilled out. In those days I had a blue raincoat. I used to wear it over my bag and myself in the rainy days. That was a good scene. In second standard Mercy teacher was my class teacher. In those days we were bit frightened of her pinches.

Then I got promoted to the third standard. Thankamma Teacher was our class teacher. Now I recall another incident when I was there. It is similar to the incident with “Kunchan Nambyar” The well known artist in “Ottan Thullal”. The fourth standard students used to play drama in the interval time. Most of the students were present as audience. Then 4 to 5 friends and I planned to start playing drama opposite the classroom where they played. We started it and all their audience came to see our drama.

I then got promoted to the fourth standard. At that time, were the senior students in the school. “Mariyamma” teacher was our class teacher. She was very rude and we were very much frightened about her pinches. In the school anniversary we played the drama “Neythukarante budhi” or something like that, I forgot the name. I acted as King Akbar. Final exams come and I scored 50/50 on every subject except English. I got only 49 for English. But I was happy. Then the real world began..

I joined in KRKPM BHS Kadampanad (K R. Krishnapilla Memorial Boys High School Kadampanad). It is a Boys High school. Santhi teacher was my class teacher. In the first term I got good marks in all subjects except for English. I failed in the English subject. I got only 12 out of 50. But she rounded it and made 20. From that time I got class rank 2 then 3 and so on! I learnt a lot of bad words. After a while I stopped using these words when I realized I wasn’t able to control my words. I think it was on 7th or 8th standard. In the 9th standard our school were participating in Work Experience Completion and we won the first price. That team was led by me. Because I had a good experience with such competitions. My mother had taught me all the things and she helped me to sail through the completion. That was my first achievement. Because that school was participating in this for the very first time. I have been awarded a lot of certificates in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture Fancy dress, Mono Act and Drama. Even though I’m poor in English I won the second prize in English Speech competitions in the school fest :-) I remember I had mastered the sentences. The topic was “Youth festival”. My Speech starts like this “Youth..! Youth are the volcanoes of energy and initiative. They are the asset of the nation. And so on”. But right now I know realize the meaning of what I had spoken he he he J . In the 8th and 9th standards B-Ed Training teachers came to teach us some subject. I was the class top in those subjects. But even though I was not good in Biology, I scooted the exam of that subject by going to the rehearsal for the Drama that we have to play for Level Sub district. After giving the papers she (Teacher) scolded me for not attending her exam. But after some time she called me to the staffroom and awarded me a pen. I was a bit surprised at that moment.

In the 9th standard Sujatha Teacher was my class teacher. She had given me the responsibilities to collect the cash for stamps and other stuff. Usually I would collect it before the class starts and give it to her. In the ninth Standard I was nominated to stand for the election for class leader. We were two candidates in the class. Election was over and I failed miserably. And failed members had a good treat in the tuition home he he he . After that my class teacher nominated me in the position of arts secretary of the class. Also we have one hour in a week to improve artistic-al skills abilities. She was a very good teacher. Even though I passed out from that school, she still enquires about me through the youngsters in my locality.

I had participated in NCC in the 8th and 9th standards. After completing NCC parades we got three “Porota”, very small in size and “Kadalakkary”. I remember it was very tasty, because we were tired and hungry after the 1.5 hr long NCC parades and exercises. It happened on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had scooted my tuition class for this reason. I never missed any chance to scoot the tuition those days.

Then next was my real exposure to live independent. I promoted to the 10th, it was very important for my parents. They had taken me to another school “PKMMHSS AND VHSS EDARIKODE” where my father used to teach. He was a drawing teacher cum librarian and he took care of arts and cultural events in that school. We lived together in a small room. We used to study, sleep, cook and everything else in that single room. I studied the basics of cooking there. After half a year I was in a state to live alone. I didn’t have lot of friends there. It was an isolated situation in the school too because that school was a mixed one. I was a little shy in front of girls. There also I acted in a drama in the school fest which was something I couldn’t avoid. And also we got fourth prize, ‘A’ grade in tableau at state level. I got 30 marks in the SSLC examination as grace mark.

After completing my 10th my parents wanted me to stay in boarding school. We have a saw mill and furniture industry where I am most of the time and also the journey to the school was hard to me. When I had gone for admission for PLUS TWO in “POPE PIUS 11th HSS, Kattanam“ they asked me what you should choose for optional subjects Biology or computer Science. I don’t like biology so I had to choose Computer Science. That time I didn’t know what computer science was. After getting admission I stayed in kattanam boarding school. I made a lot of friends from different cultures. We were 122 members, I think. Lot of them enjoyed their holidays abroad with their parents.

In plus one, I was very bad in studies because now all the subjects were in English. Up to that time I had studied in a “Malayalam medium”. So it was very difficult for me. I got 19th rank in the class during the first term. Then it got better to 13, 7 and so on. And at last school top 5th. After completing my pre degree I completed B Tech from Adoor Engineering College. I will write down more about my college days later.

  1. Raji.S.Raghav
    December 14th, 2009 at 04:42 | #1

    i thnk collge life is an unforgetable thing in our life.is it correct??
    y u dnt write anythng abt that? college events ?

  2. December 14th, 2009 at 06:57 | #2

    this is a cool news. Thank you.

  3. December 15th, 2009 at 07:16 | #3

    Sorry Dear ,
    In my case it is different . I don’t enjoyed college days so much. But some times it was good. By comparing my past i’m not active in college days. I will write it later. Dont have so much time to spend on this .

    Keep Visiting .
    Thank You

  4. Raji.S.Raghav
    December 24th, 2009 at 05:18 | #4

    oh……….good…cool Mr:Buji

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