My inbox Giving a headache appearence-Nowadays I am very busy

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Arun Raj's Gmail Inbox

Arun Raj's Gmail Inbox

This picture shows snapshot of my Gmail Inbox. The content itself shows the work oriented matter. Today I got a little time after submitting Techno-park Incubator Business Proposal. I just reviewed myself . I am a busy person.

What I do

  1. Manage the team and inspire them
  2. Meet new client
  3. Prepare proposals
  4. Maintain Accounts
  5. Transfer Salary
  6. Keep track Internal progress of the team
  7. Ensure the quality of the product we Deliver
  8. Manage project in pipeline
  9. Manage project flow
  10. Cash flow
  11. Clean the office
  12. The main job is to send updates to clients and colleagues – Email
  13. Technology consultation
  14. Some time I used to advice and manage one institute and help them to attain stability
  15. New hires/ Arrange facility for new hires

Every time I am trying to keep the things organized and structured. I need to organize my time – Time should be managed properly . Otherwise the work would kill me . I am not getting enough time to watch a movie or any kind of entertainment. Not getting time to go to home.

Usually I was trying to enjoy my work.

I taken a mac-book to study I- phone application development. But didn’t get chance to work on that . Not getting time to learn new technologies. But learning Management.

What makes me motivated ?

  1. Team is really Inspire me to take more project
  2. Client really motivates me by new reference

What makes me de-motivated ?

  1. Internal issues
  2. Overheads
  3. Less output by finance

How should I overcome this ?

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Can you consider these 8 simple questions while job hunting?

November 14th, 2010 No comments

1. Have you reached to your 50 warmest partners to update them on that which you are currently doing ?

If not, send a message to your 50 closest friends, family, old clients and ex-colleagues to update them. Usually do not contact them in order to send a “with your resume” seeking job leads, simply update them so they really know your position.

2. If i glanced at your Linked-In profile, would I realize you are searching for job opportunities? Would I realize what you’re trying to do?

3. Do you think you’re posting some sort of update on Linked-In one or more times weekly? (i.e. so that you are subtly on people’s radar.)

Otherwise, get into the habit of posting something worthwhile once weekly. Post status updates which will be valuable in your network, answer a question inside the answers section to demonstrate your expertise or put in a valuable comment in the discussion within one of several groups you’re a part of.

4. Are you currently ‘out and about’ one or more times weekly meeting people one on one?

If not, schedule time next week to meet with ex-colleagues, clients and friends over coffee – lunch – drinks in order to get up to date.

You’ll stick to people’s radar for potential opportunities, often receive some useful advice, laugh and generally feel far better about yourself than you’d sitting in the home looking through project sites all day every day.

5. Can you talk to no less than two of your fellow job hunters once weekly to share with you ideas and help each other?

6. Do you have a spreadsheet to follow each lead, contact or job you’re pursued?

If not, create a straightforward spreadsheet to aid to follow progress and ensure you never neglect to comply with any opportunity.

7. Can you religiously and systematically followup each contact, lead or loose conversation about an opportunity within a day? (2 days at the very latest)

If not, how will you be more organised and disciplined with your follow-up?

8. Can you have permission to experience a bad day or even a bad week?

Otherwise, go easy on yourself. It’s absolutely normal becoming a little ‘up and down’ emotionally when experiencing a career search or change process.

About me: M. J. Duprey writes for the human resources career outlook blog. Her mission is always to offer free info to help individuals take charge of their job search, build confidence and advance their careers by connecting job hunters with all the best minds in career counseling, resume writing, personal branding and recruiting.

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College Of Engineering Adoor : This is my college

December 21st, 2009 2 comments

College Of Engineering Adoor [ CEA ] located at Manakala, Adoor . College is under IHRD KERALA (Institute of Human Resources Development, IHRD Kerala) and affiliated to Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) .

CEA- College Of Engineering Adoor Manakala

CEA- College Of Engineering Adoor Manakala


August 6th, 2009 5 comments

Tuesday (30-7-2009) I had gone to palany. It was a very quick or impulsive decision to reach palany where the God “Murukan”  was Murugan swamy situated. One of my uncle accompanied me. We are very new to the whole impulsive thing. We woke up at 4.45 AM and got ready for the journey. First we visited the Ganapathy temple nearby Madapally Palace. It was a very good scene. We whispered the mathra “Viknawsara Ganesha..”. Then we started from there, reached Ernakulam K.S.R.T.C Stop by 6.30 and reserved tickets for us. The bus started at 7 o clock. We reached thrissur at 10 o clock and had break fast. Then bus passed through palakkad. Palakkad is a nice place. I narated the “Road trip to Ponmudi” to my uncle. We reached palany by 3.30. We took a horse cart near to the bottom of the mountain and bathed. Then we began to climb up the 1008 steps where the Kovil was located. That was a good devotional trip to me.I has never experienced such satisfaction and peace. Meanwhile my mind was flooded with happiness and my face started to show that with my ear to ear smile. My uncle frequently asked me “why are you SMILING”. Sometimes he thought I was making fun of him. But I know my mind was filled with joy. And im high and my heartbeats going to the peak level. We were very near to the main kovil. We entered the Kovil. It was made of stones and I felt very cold. Finally, I found what I was searching for. I was wondering to myself, “is it true?” and i couldnt belive that moment. I was at my emotional peak. I was beyond satisfied at that moment. My legs were becoming numb and gradually moved upwards and finally my head became numb. I thought if I was to stay there any longer I would fall down and wouldnt wake up from there .Then I slowly moved outside without my mind. We will get an entire view of the city from the there. We bought “Panchamrudam” (Prasadam with that contain dates fruit and Sharkara) and started to climb down to the bottom of the hill and reached the bus stop and boarded the bus. We reached back AT ernakulam early in the morning by 1.30 . It was a such a good trip. The BEST TRIPS AND THE BEST MOMENTS ARE ALWAYS THE IMPULSIVE ONES.

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Job Interview Common mistake:-

August 5th, 2009 8 comments

I got an Email with following content. When i did read the content then I thought it will be good to share with friends.!!!

1. Not taking the interview seriously: Don’t make the mistake of thinking the interview is just a formality. Even if all the job-interview1[1]preliminaries have gone well, don’t be cavalier and start imagining how you’ll start spending your new salary. The biggest error you can make is to assume that, because you’ve gotten this far, the job is in the bag.

2. Dressing down: How you present yourself during your initial meeting with a potential employer is very important, and your physical appearance can speak volumes to someone who is meeting you for the first time. Even if you know that the firm allows employees to wear jeans, don’t sabotage yourself by showing up to the interview in casual clothing. Err on the side of conservative and show up in neat, professional clothing, preferably a business suit.

3. Not showing why you’re the best choice: Be familiar with the job description of the position you’re interviewing for so you can illustrate how your experience, abilities, and strengths are in line with the company’s needs. Many potential employers want to know why they should hire you specifically. Make it clear to them.

job-interview[1]4. Being too modest: Failing to talk yourself up during an interview is one of the most self-defeating mistakes you can make. This is not the time for humility, so sing your praises! Don’t be afraid to talk up everything you’ve accomplished, whether in school or in previous companies. This is your time to shine.

5. Talking too much: Be careful not to talk over the interviewer. This meeting should be a two-way conversation, and many interviewees cover up their nervousness by blathering on. Sit calmly and listen carefully, answering questions thoughtfully.

6. Focusing on the funds: Don’t start talking about money too soon into the interview. Focusing on your salary requirements and previous salary history right off the bat may cause you to reveal too much. While the topic of salary will certainly come up, follow the interviewer’ s lead. He or she may be saving that topic for a later conversation.

7. Trash talking: Even if you hated your former boss or felt you were treated unfairly by your previous employer, a job interview is not the place to launch into a litany of complaints. Don’t go there. If you were laid off or fired from a previous position, be prepared with an explanation that puts a positive spin on the circumstances.

8. Failing to ask questions: Your résumé may be impressive on paper, but employers also appreciate a candidate who can ask several intelligent questions during an interview. Prepare at least 3 or 4 questions in advance to ask the interviewer. Interviews are an exchange of information, and not having questions to ask can reveal a lack of preparation.

9. Lack of enthusiasm: This is your first and sometimes only chance to showcase your personality. Don’t walk in announcing how you’re having a bad day. Be polite and upbeat. Show your enthusiasm for both the job and the opportunity to interview for it. And don’t forget to thank the person at the end of the interview!

10. Forgetting the follow-up: Make sure to send a handwritten thank-you note or polite email to the interviewer expressing gratitude for his or her time and consideration. And while you don’t want to start calling the company on a daily basis, a phone call checking in a week after the interview is perfectly acceptable

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Crazy trip to Ponmudi (The Golden Peak or hair)

July 7th, 2009 12 comments

Trrring!!! my phone blares at midnight and startles me in my sleep. I wake up and grab the phone, peer through half open and groggy eyes to see Mithun my colleague calling. I pick up and say “Hello!”, he replies. “Hello Arun, had you retired for the night?” I reply, “Yes, in fact I had, but it’s ok Mithun, tell me”, he then says a sentence which made me feel like I was dreaming. “I am sorry if I woke you up, but we are going to Ponmudi tomorrow, whether you like it or not. Be ready by 7:00 am. Rohan and I will pick you up. And also, inform Kushal about this”. I was still in disbelief and all that came out was “Alright”. I sat in my bed for like 2 minuted to regain consciousness and digest what he had just told me. Then I dialed Kushal’s number and informed him too about the plan. That human being was in a half drunk state in La-La land. If I remember correctly, he said “Wow, Ponmudi? I will surely come. Should I come now?”. I chuckled and told him that it was for tomorrow. I warned him not to miss it. Meanwhile Mithun had informed Sreenath and so the plan was on.

Next morning, I got ready by 7:am and waited for a call so I could get out. I waited and waited. As usual, if it’s 7:00 am, we would only leave by 7:30 am. That is Indian Standard Time, IST ;-) . Kushal had actually delayed and thus the wait. We eventually managed to pick everyone up by 8:00 am which was fairly decent as each of us were in different parts of town. We were in Rohan’s Skoda Fabia, a beautiful car indeed. We stopped at around 9:00 am to pack our lunch. I wondered why we were packing our lunch so early? Rohan then revealed that we were on our way to leaving civilization behind and be in touch with nature alone and man was he right. Ponmudi estates were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. It was heavenly and soul soothing. We drove up the 22 hair pin curves up the hill to witness a beautiful sight of the mist covered mountains and feel the chilled breeze hit you like a whirlwind.

DSC04466We saw the Merchiston Estate as well which preceded Rohan’s Ponmudi estate. We quickly clicked some pictures before the slight drizzle and dashed towards the car. We drove to his tea factory where he walked us through the whole working process of from when the tea leaves are brought in till they are packed. We then changed vehicles and got into the Mahindra Marshal. That car has stood the test of time. At 9 years old, it still rolled over the rocks and uneven road with unbelievable ease. We drove all the way down to the smoke house and the sheds. Then came the best part, the natural pool. We wasted no time and hopped into the heavily gushing, rock infested mini pools, with the purest form of natural water flowing through them. The chilled water tasted of purity and relaxing in it for a while sure was therapeutic. Kulikkan pokuva

This was followed by lunch, Parota, Beef fry and Kadala curry for myself and Sreenath as we were vegetarians. We had packed around 40 parotas and curry to feed the whole Ponmudi. Belive it or not, all 5 of us hogged and there were only 1 and a hlaf parotas left. We were so stuffed that we lay on top of the huge rocks and had a siesta which gave us the well required rest. It was a once in a lifetime feeling with the sound of nothing but the water gushing and the crickets in the trees. It was way past 4:00 pm by now. We got up, took our belongings and headed back to the jeep, thanked all the workers in the estate for the hospitality. Rohan dropped us all back to our homes and we bid good night to each other. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our hearts felt full, of happiness, satisfaction and peace. It is indeed true when someone says that you should never plan a trip, the best trips are the ones that are impulsive.

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Enjoyed weekend with friends

June 29th, 2009 1 comment

I usually reach Trivandrum on Sunday evening after spending a cosy weekend with my family at my natives. That morning, my close friend Neeraj called me from Trivandrum and asked me to come a little earlier than usual as he had something planned. So I quickly finished off some chores and packed my bags and was in Trivandrum by 4:30 pm. As soon as I set foot in Trivandrum, I sent Neeraj a text message informing him of my arrival. Within no time, he picked me up and headed towards the museum to pick up another friend of ours named Jes. Jes, Neeraj and I were roommates when we were in the college hostel . Jes is one funny character. He is fat and we used to call “Chullan”, but Neeraj is thin and lanky. Anyone would think twice before patting him on his back, let alone beat him. He, who has very little experience in driving, was the one at the wheel. After a while of driving and chit chatting, I rolled down the windows and felt the gush of wind hit my face, the moist air smelling of the sea. I closed my eyes and devoured the feeling. We had reached the beach. We hopped out of the car and headed towards the snack cart where they sold hot and steamy Mulagu Bajji’s and Chaaya. Being a Sunday, the beach was crowded with families, friends and kids. We quickly finished the snacks and stepped onto the sand for a stroll in the beautiful evening sun. The soft rays of the sun, just before it set, sprayed the whole beach with a tinge of orange.

We were still enjoying our stroll, pushing each other, tripping, reminiscing the old times when we noticed something strange. A small crowd had gathered at one point on the beach and we could see the flickering flames of candles in between the crowd. We then realized that a famous writer and director named Lohithadas had passed away that morning. We approached the crowd and saw that there was a picture of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, with two lady foreigners paying homage. They were crying their hearts out for Michael. We too, stood there for a minute and continued our stroll. A little later, we saw some familiar faces walk towards us from the opposite direction. They were our college buddies. We were seeing each other after quite a while so we caught up and chilled out for a bit. They were all on bikes and on a road trip. After bidding good bye to them, we walked back to our car because, it had been a while and we sensed a our stomachs burning. We were hungry! On our way back we saw that this time Michael’s picture was alone, the ladies had left. We then drove to our favourite and famous hotel Zam Zam. My friends wasted no time in ordering Tandoori Chicken for themselves, which left me clueless as I wondered what to order for myself, whos a vegetarian. Eventually, I settled for Patthiri and Paneer Butter Masala. The meal was indeed satisfying after I had a parota as the final bit. I then got dropped off and bid each other good night.

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Onam Celebration Photos

September 15th, 2008 1 comment

Ventures Unlimited 1st Year Anniversary Bash @ Muthoot Plaza

August 23rd, 2008 2 comments

Ventures Unlimited 1st Year Anniversary Bash @ Muthoot Plaza

We are proudly celebrated Ventures Unlimited’s 1st anniversary. It was a nice experience . We enjoyed with a lot of funs and musics.

i will upload the photos Soon

Independence Day Celebration @ Kadampanad- 2008 Aug 15

August 15th, 2008 No comments

Independence Day Celebration @ Kadampanad- 2008 Aug 15

Indipendance Day Celebration Conducted @ Kadampanad

I tried to take maximum pics with ma k790i. click on the image to see my album

Independence day celebration Conducted by Kadampanad Grama panchayath.

The “Samskarika sammelenam” was inagurated by Smt Appinazhikath SanthaKumari Teacher.

The program was a grant success.

Bharath Matha Kee Jai